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De teller in het icoon met het onweersbuitje geeft live het actuele aantal bliksemontladingen uit onze regio weer. De dekking ligt in een vierkant om Nederland en België, waardoor er ook data van rondom Parijs, op de Noordzee en uit een deel van Duitsland wordt weergegeven.


De ontladingen kun je terugvinden op de Google Maps kaart onderaan de pagina. Deze worden nog niet live bijgewerkt, voor de meest actuele ontladingen ververs je de pagina. De iconen op de kaart lopen in kleur van Geel naar Rood, waarbij Geel een 'nieuwe' ontlading is en Rood een 'oude'.


De teller maakt geluid als het aantal bliksemontladingen verhoogt. Dus, bij een update van 0 naar 1 hoor je geluid. Je kunt dit uitschakelen met het luidspreker icoontje in de balk hierboven.

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NWS: Severe Thunderstorm Warning uitgegeven voor Burke, NC; Caldwell, NC; Catawba, NC; Lincoln, NC.

11 Apr 2021 02:26:27

NWS: Severe Thunderstorm Warning uitgegeven voor Palm Beach, FL.

11 Apr 2021 02:26:27

NWS: Tornado Warning uitgegeven voor Burke, NC; McDowell, NC.

11 Apr 2021 02:19:53

NWS: Severe Thunderstorm Warning uitgegeven voor Burke, NC; Caldwell, NC; Catawba, NC; Cleveland, NC; Gaston, NC; Lincoln, NC; Rutherford, NC.

11 Apr 2021 01:59:18

NWS: Tornado Warning uitgegeven voor Burke, NC; McDowell, NC; Rutherford, NC.

11 Apr 2021 01:51:42

NWS: Tornado Warning uitgegeven voor Rutherford, NC.

11 Apr 2021 01:31:31

NWS: Severe Thunderstorm Warning uitgegeven voor Hillsborough, FL; Manatee, FL.

11 Apr 2021 01:23:05

NWS: Tornado Warning uitgegeven voor Rutherford, NC; Spartanburg, SC.

11 Apr 2021 01:14:10

NWS: Tornado Warning uitgegeven voor Spartanburg, SC.

11 Apr 2021 00:53:28

NWS: Severe Thunderstorm Warning uitgegeven voor DeSoto, FL; Manatee, FL; Sarasota, FL.

11 Apr 2021 00:48:32

NWS: Severe Thunderstorm Warning uitgegeven voor Hillsborough, FL; Manatee, FL.

10 Apr 2021 23:55:04

NWS: Tornado Warning uitgegeven voor Camden, GA; Glynn, GA.

10 Apr 2021 23:03:00

NWS: Severe Thunderstorm Warning uitgegeven voor Duval, FL; Nassau, FL; Camden, GA; Glynn, GA.

10 Apr 2021 22:59:38

NWS: Severe Thunderstorm Warning uitgegeven voor Kent, MI; Ottawa, MI.

10 Apr 2021 22:41:42

NWS: Severe Thunderstorm Warning uitgegeven voor Franklin, FL; Gadsden, FL; Liberty, FL.

10 Apr 2021 22:28:31
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2 april 2008, 08:46 uur | Bericht #10845
Hurricane force winds hit Tasmania

Wind speed have reached hurricane-force in several parts of Tasmania. The Bureau of Meteorology has recorded gusts of 137 kilometres an hour on Mount Reid, 132 kilometres on Droughty Hill, south-east of Hobart airport, and 91 kilometres at Tunnack in the Midlands.

A severe weather warning continues for the entire state and winds are expected to be strong enough to bring down some tree branches and power lines. Meteorologist, Lance Cowled, says winds will get stronger as the afternoon continues. A little bit worse over the bulk of Tasmania but a lot worse in the far south west but of course that's only going to affect marine users, he said.

Container on bridge Hobart April 2, 2008

A shipping container is still blocking the left lane of the western off-ramp of the Tasman Bridge - a crane has been brought in to remove it. Traffic is being diverted on to the Lower Domain Highway off ramp and past the Botanical Gardens. A power line which came down in Lenna Street, Rose Bay has been cleared from the road.

The State Emergency Service says it has been inundated with calls from people reporting wind damage. A tree has fallen down on power lines in the Huonville area causing damage to a nearby building. SES southern regional manager, Geoff Marsh, says it is lucky noone has been injured.

He is urging people to be vigilant until the winds abate. We've had a number of strong gusts that have caused a bit of damage, he said. I'm aware of some damage in the Huonville area and some other minor damage on the eastern shore but at this stage it's not extensive.

There are several power outages across northern Tasmania. Aurora Energy says in Smithton the roof of a barn has blown off and cut a power pole in half. Power lines are down in Norwood and Legana affecting the Trevallyn and Riverside areas. And in Ulverstone, there is sparking on the lines in Clara Street which is affecting local power supplies.

©abc | Gewijzigd: 1 februari 2017, 16:21 uur, door Joyce.s
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Lid sinds: 10 jun. 2007
2 april 2008, 08:49 uur | Bericht #10846
Wild weather brings blackouts to Adelaide

More than 10,000 Adelaide residents are still without power this morning, after severe weather hit the city, particularly the southern suburbs. The blackouts are affecting suburbs in the east, north-east, south, and Adelaide Hills.

Power distributor ETSA says the blackouts are mainly due to strong winds and trees falling on power lines. The State Emergency Service has had numerous call-outs for trees falling on roads and property. One house at Aberfoyle Park has been damaged and several main roads have been blocked by fallen trees, including Main South Road at Morphett Vale and Grand Junction Road at Northgate.

The storms have caused damage to houses.

The blackouts are also affecting traffic lights across the city. Nick Green from the Australian Traffic Network says Regency Road near South Road is affected.

To make matters worse there's heaps of wheelie bins scattered all over the roads, so it's a bit like a giant obstacle course out there and as I said there are a few cameras out there today north east of the city, but if you speed today, you do deserve to get caught, he said.

The weather bureau has issued a severe weather warning for much of the state.The wild weather is not expected to ease until later this afternoon.

©abc | Gewijzigd: 1 februari 2017, 16:21 uur, door Joyce.s
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Lid sinds: 10 jun. 2007
2 april 2008, 08:53 uur | Bericht #10847
Trees down, power cut as heavy winds batter Victoria

Severe weather has battered western Victoria and the strong winds are heading for Melbourne. The State Emergency Service (SES) has responded to more than 1200 calls for help, mainly in the western district. SES spokesman Shane Reeves says damage has been particularly bad around Warrnambool.

The Mobil service station there, their large sign has broken up and flailing about, Port Fairy a house has lost it's roof and a number of tree jobs, he said.Victoria Police Acting Sergeant Darren Ferluga says the wind has also brought down trees along the Wimmera Highway.

A large tree was uprooted in high winds on St Kilda Road.

I've been speaking to the guys from the Council. They've been absolutely flat out getting trees off roads. One of the Council utes was actually hit by a tree as it came down, he said. Power companies are also reporting problems with supply in the state's southwest. About 2,000 properties in Melbourne's inner north and east are also without power.

In Melbourne, the speed limit on the Westgate Bridge has been reduced to 40 kilometres an hour and caravans and motorcycles are being advised to find an alternative route. Police say the Westgate and the Bolte bridges are likely to close because of the high winds and people working in the city should consider leaving work early. The Westgate has been reduced to two lanes and the elevated section of Citylink between Flemington road and the Westgate has been closed in both directions.

Flemington Road outside the Royal Children's Hospital is blocked to city-bound traffic and trams after a tree came down.

Klik hier voor het hele artikel

©abc | Gewijzigd: 1 februari 2017, 16:21 uur, door Joyce.s
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Lid sinds: 10 jun. 2007
2 april 2008, 17:41 uur | Bericht #10859
Vic faces massive clean-up after storms

The clean-up may take days after gale force winds wreaked havoc across Victoria yesterday. One person is dead and thousands are still without power after winds of up to 132 kilometres an hour uprooted trees and ripped rooves from buildings.

In Melbourne, a 57-year-old woman died after a post office wall collapsed on her. A 47-year-old man was also killed when a steel structure fell on him at a Dandenong building site earlier in the day, but it is not known if the winds are to blame.

At Mornington, one boat has sunk and 15 have broken their moorings.

Dust storms turned the skies red in the state's north west, reducing visibility to a few metres, and at Mornington, one yacht sank and 15 others were swept ashore. Firefighters are still securing a section of the Caulfield hospital, after its roof was blown off, and more than 100,000 properties are still without electricity.

The Westgate bridge, the Bolte bridge and the Domain tunnel are back to normal after lane closures cause traffic bedlam. More than 200,000 properties are without electricity and the State Emergency Service is working its way through more than 2,200 reports of fallen trees and damaged rooves.

Trees blocked city streets in Melbourne after high winds blasted through Victoria.

Duty officer John Parker says people will have to be patient.We have had similar volumes of calls over a 24 hour period, but this is a significant number of calls for the state, he said. Firefighters are securing tarpaulins over the operating suite at the Caulfield hospital after its roof was ripped off.

Meanwhile, rail commuters travelling on all lines are being warned to expect major delays tonight. Connex spokesman John Rees says the winds have caused major problems. We've had trees blow across powerlines, across railway lines, we've had lightening strikes, we've had track circuit failures from the weather, or from lightening strikes, he said.

That has meant boom gates have come down in certain places or signals have been put out. It's just widespread and utterly disastrous. There's been nothing like it, I think, in most people's living memory.

  | Gewijzigd: 1 februari 2017, 16:21 uur, door Joyce.s
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Lid sinds: 10 jun. 2007
3 april 2008, 09:19 uur | Bericht #10874
Storm damage 'devastating': insurers

The Tasmanian Government is still considering whether to provide financial assistance to residents affected by last night's hurricane force winds. The storm damage bill has already topped $1 million and insurance companies are gearing up for a record number of claims.

The roof of a neighbouring house landed in this Trevallyn driveway

AAMI's state manager, Trent Sayers, says the impact has been devastating. This will be one of the most significant events that we have had in some time, he said. In particular when you picture that its happened in such a small window of time its had a very significant impact in terms of the ensuing damage.

The Premier, Paul Lennon has inspected some of the worst-affected areas in the south, including a caravan park at Cambridge, where a roof was blown off a building. Mr Lennon has praised emergency services crews and called for patience as the clean-up continues. We'll wait and see what the extent of the damage is, he said.

Storm grounds boats in Mornington Harbour

Our first task is to get the power back on, get the roads re-opened and to complete the clean-up and to support the efforts of the SES, the volunteers, the ambulance crews the police the fire crews and everybody who's supporting the clean-up efforts. Community volunteers have joined crews from the State Emergency Services as the storm clean-up continues.

The SES was inundated with calls last night and this morning, with more than 50 homes and 100 schools damaged statewide. The Botanical Gardens was forced to close and Hobart's Aboriginal Centre cordoned off, amid concerns the building is unsafe. A deep low pressure system triggered last night's wild weather.

Roof lands in tree

Hobart recorded its highest wind speeds in 17 years. Gusts reached 128 kilometres an hour. The Bureau of Meteorology's senior forecaster, Simon McCullough says there was some light snow this morning.

A low pressure system that deepened to the west of Tasmania yesterday ran down to the south west last night and then passed just to the south of Tasmania during the early hours of the morning bringing strong gusty westerly winds to the southern half of Tassie last night, he said.

The roof of a house lies in tatters on April 3, 2008, after a storm tore through Hobart the night before.

Mr McCulloch believes the worst is over. We've had some solid rain across the west and north and I think its really eased to showers now, he said. There will be some further showers for today in the western half of the state probably tomorrow as well but no huge totals we've even had a little dusting of snow as well.

  | Gewijzigd: 1 februari 2017, 16:22 uur, door Joyce.s
Berichten: 0
Lid sinds: 10 jun. 2007
4 april 2008, 09:55 uur | Bericht #10903
Storm bill rises

The damage bill from Wednesday night's massive storm that hit Tasmania is rising.

It has been another long night for State Emergency Service crews as they continued to repair damage left by the hurricane-force wind gusts. Southern Regional Manager Geoff Marsh says it's now up to insurance companies and builders to fix the damage.

We've tried to slow our operation down a bit today after 48 hours of constant responses we're trying to give some of our people a break, Mr Marsh said. Aurora Energy is working to restore services to more than 600 households still without power, while insurance companies tally the costs.

Trent Sayer from insurance company, AAMI, says they have received more than 500 claims totalling about one million dollars. But we still expect some claims to dribble through over the coming week, Mr Sayer said. The Insurance Council of Australia hopes to have an estimate of the total damage by later today.

Berichten: 0
Lid sinds: 10 jun. 2007
5 april 2008, 09:09 uur | Bericht #10939
Thousands without power after storm lashes Vic

About 10,500 Victorians remain without power after Wednesday's storm, which damaged buildings and uprooted trees across the state. Alinta, which is dealing with a lot of structural damage to poles, has 7,500 customers waiting for connection.

SP AusNet has 3,000 customers waiting for supply to be connected, mostly in Melbourne's outer east, and at Mt Dandenong. Meanwhile Victorians cleaning up their properties after this week's wild weather have been urged to do so safely. Worksafe spokesman Michael Birt says people should hire experts for major repair jobs.

He says people hiring power tools for repairs should make sure they know how to use them. They'll be up ladders, might be working near powerlines or working with power tools they may not be familiar with, or using power tools out of the normal context just to get the job done quickly, he said.Worksafe says take extreme care, be careful and make sure you've got the right gear and protective gear, like goggles and gloves.

©abc | Gewijzigd: 1 februari 2017, 16:22 uur, door Joyce.s
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